Access SAMBA+ software packages

Download SAMBA+

  • Scroll down this page and click on the desired software package in the overview table. The SerNet download server will ask you to enter a username and a password.

  • The username is your subscription key (starting with SMB...) available in your SAMBA+ shop account under "licenses".

  • The password is always "sambaplus". (So the secret to access the packages lies in the subscription key and not in the password.)

Repository integration of SAMBA+

The following form of URLs can be used to automatically retrieve packages from our repositories with package managers such as apt, yum or zypper. The packages are signed with SerNet's gpg build key. See below for details.

If you need SAMBA+ for any other operating system or architecture, please use the contact button or mail us to

The repository files can be copied to the following locations, depending on the installer used:

installerpath for repo-file


Note that the repository files are templates: In the URLs inside the repository files, you need to replace KEY:PASSWORD with your corresponding subscription key and password "sambaplus". Newer apt versions recommend to use the /etc/apt/auth.conf file to store the login information instead of the sources.list. For the SAMBA+ repository the following line would be needed: "machine login KEY password sambaplus".

More information on installing, running and upgrading SAMBA+ can be found in this SAMBA+ HowTo collection.

DistributionSupported architecturesSAMBA+ 4.20 repositorySAMBA+ 4.20 downloadSAMBA+ 4.19 repositorySAMBA+ 4.19 downloadSAMBA+ 4.18 repositorySAMBA+ 4.18 download
AlmaLinux 8x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/almalinux/8 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/almalinux/8 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/almalinux/8 2
AlmaLinux 9x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/almalinux/9 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/almalinux/9 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/almalinux/9 2
CentOS 7x86_64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 34.20/centos/7 3sernet-samba-4.19.repo 34.19/centos/7 3sernet-samba-4.18.repo 34.18/centos/7 3
CentOS 8x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/centos/8 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/centos/8 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/centos/8 2
CentOS 9x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/centos/9 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/centos/9 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/centos/9 2
Debian buster (10)i386, amd64, armhf, arm64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/debiansernet-samba-4.19.list4.19/debiansernet-samba-4.18.list4.18/debian
Debian bullseye (11)i386, amd64, armhf, arm64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/debiansernet-samba-4.19.list4.19/debiansernet-samba-4.18.list4.18/debian
Debian bookworm (12)i386, amd64, armhf, arm64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/debiansernet-samba-4.19.list4.19/debiansernet-samba-4.18.list4.18/debian
openSUSE Leap 15x86_64sernet-samba-4.20.repo4.20/leap/15sernet-samba-4.19.repo4.19/leap/15sernet-samba-4.18.repo4.18/leap/15
Oracle Linux 7x86_64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 34.20/oracle/7 3sernet-samba-4.19.repo 34.19/oracle/7 3sernet-samba-4.18.repo 34.18/oracle/7 3
Oracle Linux 8x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/oracle/8 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/oracle/8 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/oracle/8 2
Oracle Linux 9x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/oracle/9 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/oracle/9 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/oracle/9 2
RHEL 7x86_64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 34.20/rhel/7 3sernet-samba-4.19.repo 34.19/rhel/7 3sernet-samba-4.18.repo 34.18/rhel/7 3
RHEL 8x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/rhel/8 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/rhel/8 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/rhel/8 2
RHEL 9x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/rhel/9sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/rhel/9sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/rhel/9
Rocky Linux 8x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/rocky/8 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/rocky/8 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/rocky/8 2
Rocky Linux 9x86_64, aarch64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 24.20/rocky/9 2sernet-samba-4.19.repo 24.19/rocky/9 2sernet-samba-4.18.repo 24.18/rocky/9 2
SLES 15x86_64sernet-samba-4.20.repo 14.20/sles/15 1sernet-samba-4.19.repo 14.19/sles/15 1sernet-samba-4.18.repo 14.18/sles/15 1
Ubuntu bionic (18.04)i386, amd64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/ubuntusernet-samba-4.19.list4.19/ubuntusernet-samba-4.18.list4.18/ubuntu
Ubuntu focal (20.04)i386, amd64, arm64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/ubuntusernet-samba-4.19.list4.19/ubuntusernet-samba-4.18.list4.18/ubuntu
Ubuntu jammy (22.04)i386, amd64, arm64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/ubuntusernet-samba-4.19.list4.19/ubuntusernet-samba-4.18.list4.18/ubuntu
Ubuntu noble (24.04)amd64, arm64sernet-samba-4.20.list4.20/ubuntu----

1 Requires packages from SUSE Package Hub repository.
2 Some samba-tool features require the python3-markdown package from the PowerTools repository, which should be enabled prior to the package installation.
3 There are dependencies on packages from the EPEL repository, which must be activated before installation.

The SerNet build key

The packages are signed with SerNet's gpg build key to guarantee authenticity.    

After importing the key, please make sure that 'apt-key finger' or 'gpg --quiet --with-fingerprint /usr/lib/rpm/gnupg/sernet-build-key.gpg' shows the following fingerprint:

769B 4AC6 BBD7 F7B1 B1FE 8081 1347 2811 1B6D 0337


Please refer to the SAMBA+ FAQ at


The software offered for download by this service is Open Source and Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or higher. It is provided as is, without any warranty under the conditions of the GPL. For details see the homepages of the GNU General Public License and the Free Software Foundation.

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