SAMBA+ Container

SAMBA+ Container is a new way to use Samba as a file server: SerNet provides the Ubuntu container with SAMBA+ ready-to-use. The file server container introduces an easy to operate script called "csmb" – utilizing "csmb" ensures setting up a fileserver to be pretty simple and quick.

The SAMBA+ Fileserver Container is available in the SAMBA+ Shop as a subscription for 1 to 3 years. Subscriptions are managed via OPOSSO at Detailed instructions are featured in our How-to.

Advantages of SAMBA+ Container

The container comes with all the advantages that characterize SAMBA+ as well. In addition, the advantages of running Samba in a container are e.g.:

  • fast deployment
  • no installation of RPM or DEB packages necessary
  • the operating system (Ubuntu) does not need to be maintained
  • upgrades are pretty fast and simple
  • the container can be easily ported to any other system
  • upgrading can be done parallel to the existing system, easy fallback is possible
  • SAMBA+ Container effectively saves time and costs

The container can be setup either as a standalone server (users are stored locally) or as a domain member server (being part of an existing domain).

To update the container or the Samba version, you just need to download the new version and re-create the container.

Support for SAMBA+ Container

Support can be added by buying support budgets or by signing a support contract with us. All issues regarding Samba, SAMBA+ and the SAMBA+ Container, i.e. configuration, installation, planning or operation, are covered. For any questions, please contact us at – we'll be happy to help. 

SAMBA+ Container for AD DC (coming soon)

Team Samba at SerNet is working on a dedicated container for Active Directory Domain Controllers which will be available soon. At the moment, the SAMBA+ Container is not made for AD DCs. Also print serving is currently not supported. Please contact us for detailed information about the current status of the development progress.


SAMBA+ 4.19.3-5 and SAMBA+ 4.18.9-9 have just been released by SerNet's Samba team. Packages…


Buy software subscriptions and support budgets. SAMBA+ subscriptions are available for 1, 2 and 3 years at the SAMBA+ shop.

+ visit the US Shop ($)

+ visit the World Shop (€)

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