SAMBA+ Software Packages

SAMBA+ is the leading SMB software for a variety of Linux and Unix systems, provided by SerNet. The software is available as subscription – choose a plan tailored to your needs for one, two, or three years. You will receive your license key immediately after purchase in our shops:

  • SAMBA+ world shop offers procurement in Euro and is provided by SerNet GmbH in Germany.
  • SAMBA+ US shop offers procurement in US-Dollar and is provided by SerNet, Inc. in California serves customers from the U.S. and is also open for customers from all around the world.

Support budgets are also available in both shops, making it easy and convenient to get assistance from SerNet's Samba specialists.

To set up your SAMBA+ packages after purchase, follow the instructions on our HowTo page.

SAMBA+ makes the difference

The "PLUS" in SAMBA+ emphasizes the advantages of SerNet’s software packages. They are available for almost all Linux systems and are always based on the latest Samba source packages. SAMBA+ is always up-to-date and behaves the same across all platforms – thus solving the problem that Samba packages from the different Linux brands differ significantly and cause problems in mixed environments.

Want to find out more? Take a look at all the advantages of SAMBA+ or just contact us to discuss what SAMBA+ has to offer. 

Active Directory and Clustering support

SAMBA+ is compiled with maximum respect to performance and stability. Latest features for authentication and clustering are included. Active Directory support in SAMBA+ enables Identity Management and interoperability between operating systems of all kind: Windows, macOS, Linux and all AD compliant devices. Support for IBM’s Spectrum Scale (GPFS) in SAMBA+ has been developed by SerNet in close partnership with IBM.

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