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Samba for Enterprise Linux and more

SAMBA+ are Samba packages for a big variety of Linux distributions provided by SerNet and offered at The subscriptions are managed via OPOSSO at


This site informs about SAMBA+, the technical basics, reasons why to buy, information for appliance vendors and cloud service providers and some details about the subscription management with the open source solution OPOSSO.


SAMBA+ is built from one source package for all platforms, always up-to-date, including most recent clustering and authentication methods (GPFS, Active Directory) and is produced with respect to stability and performance.


SAMBA+ users come from all industries, public and private institutions and ask for support and consulting services in addition to the software itself. SAMBA+ is also a good choice for appliance vendors and cloud service providers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!


From 2003 to 2015 SerNet provided Samba packages under the Label Enterprise Samba until Samba 4.2. Those packages can easily upgraded to SAMBA+ directly. Of course we recommend to use "testparm" to get aware of changed configuration options.



SAMBA+ subscriptions are available for one, two and three years at the SAMBA+ shop.


SerNet support

At SerNet you get the best Samba support out there. We offer support, consulting, training and coding around Samba. Worldwide. 24/7.

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Latest News


SAMBA+ for openSUSE Leap 42 and Debian 9 Stretch

SerNet now provides SAMBA+ 4.6.5 for openSUSE Leap 42 and the upcoming Debian 9 Stretch.

Besides this latest addition to the SAMBA+ family, a wide range of SAMBA+ packages for various platforms is available.

Have a look at the SAMBA+ News section for more information.


New SAMBA+ packages: Updates for 4.5.10

These packages address a smbd crash bug #12798. Only versions 4.5.9-16 and 4.5.10-16 are affected by this bug.