The Samba team at SerNet

SerNet is on a mission to offer the best Samba support worldwide. We handle a significant share of large Samba projects, either directly or through our clients. Our SAMBA+ packages are widely distributed and popular, reflecting our commitment to quality. We actively drive the development of new Samba features, ensure regular security updates and keep the software current. Our focus is on delivering reliable and up-to-date Samba solutions to our users.

SerNet & The Samba Core

Six members of the international Samba core team work at SerNet. That makes us the only system integrator with members from the Samba core team. And it adds up to 50 years of Samba experience: We code. We debug. We push the code upstream, we document it. We keep Samba running.

Our customers

Customers of SerNet are medium and big hardware vendors or system integrators and startups. They build Linux based appliances for network services like WAN acceleration, file and print services, proxy servers, routers, antivirus filter appliances and identity / access management.

All our customers can rely on us to have fast response times down to one hour for remote services around the world. We improve Samba when needed – we also ensure that these changes remain in the core codebase and are therefore supported in the future.


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