Proposals for Samba development

SerNet is developing Samba on behalf of various stake holders in the market since 2002. Among them are vendors, system integrators or other third parties represented by single companies, public bodies and joint communities.

Here on the SAMBA+ web pages we are going to publish proposals about bleeding edge Samba issues that have been developed, are currently developed or could be developed in the future. The list starts with two proposed developments but will be enhanced soon :-)

Research Topics

SAMBA always has a number of exciting development projects. And we are working on some for SAMBA+. If you are interested in these features, please contact us!

  • SAMBA+ for FreeBSD
  • S4U2Self - see documentation at Microsoft
  • SMB2 UNIX extensions
  • unix_id on DCs (Unix ID Allocator)
  • GPOs in winbind (maintain SUDO etc. in AD) - solved since Samba 4.14
  • SID filtering
  • Azure Connect
  • MS Exchange in SAMBA AD
  • Modularize Samba for a version with small footprint
    e.g. for use on OpenWRT and embedded systems

Joint software development

Key issue for development is sufficient funding. Every project consists of different partners interested in a specific solution. The process of bringing this parties together needs three documents:

  • A Letter of Intend (LOI):
    All interested parties sign the LOI that comes into effect after the last signature. This includes acceptance of Samba team rules, the public code donation to Samba upstream repositories and legal issues like warranties and indemnification (there are none - the LOI is about software sponsorship and code donation only): Demo-LOI.
  • Technical proposal:
    All Parties agree on the technical milestone paper that describes the challenge, the proposed solution path, main obstacles and goals. The proposal is published on this page of the SAMBA+ website.
  • Quotes for procurement:
    All parties receive a quote which usually contains an identical price tag for all. The quote specifies the total and individual costs of the development. SerNet always enters at least the same financial engagement like all other parties so this is a true sponsorship by all contracting parties.

cc-by-saAll documents are available at SerNet under a creative commons license "CC BY-SA". Just send us a note :-) 


SAMBA+ 4.19.0 has just been released by SerNet's Samba team. Packages for various SUSE and Red…


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