Install SAMBA+ AIX

Installation Basics for SAMBA+ AIX

The SAMBA+ installation needs to be put in the /usr/local/sambaplus-<version> path (this will be done by the setup script automatically) and
/usr/local/sambaplus should be a symlink to the actual path of
/usr/local/sambaplus-<version>. This is important for the init script to find the active SAMBA+ version always on the right place. This also allows multiple SAMBA+ versions to be installed simultaneously and the admin to switch easily between Samba versions if needed.


  • eventually delete old symlink: 'rm /usr/local/sambaplus'
  • link the Samba release to the active Samba path: 'ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus-<version> /usr/local/sambaplus'

Further down in the documentation we assume that this symlink /usr/local/sambaplus has been created successfully.

SAMBA+ is compiled to have all its configuration and database files under /var/sambaplus/. This way the installation files from /usr/local/sambaplus don't affect any of the config files.

smb.conf location:


tdb files location:


log files location:



Init Scripts and how to enable them

The init scripts are located in /usr/local/sambaplus/init/ and they are called
winbind.init, nmbd.init and smbd.init.

To activate them for runlevel 2 you have to run those commands:

cd /etc/rc.d/rc2.d
ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus/init/winbindd.init S00winbindd
ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus/init/winbindd.init K10winbindd
ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus/init/smbd.init S10smbd
ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus/init/smbd.init K00smbd
ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus/init/nmbd.init S10nmbd
ln -s /usr/local/sambaplus/init/nmbd.init K00nmbd

(and the same in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/ once more)


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