sambaXP 2024: Agenda online!

sambaXP 2024 online!

The agenda for this year's sambaXP on April 17 and 18, 2024 is online. As already announced, the conference will take place digitally via Zoom. Participants can expect a variety of exciting presentations on the latest developments in the world of Samba. The online event is supported by long-standing sponsors Google and Microsoft. Microsoft is also taking part with an interoperability track.

A small insight into the program:

  • ksmbd status update - Namjae Jeon (LGE / Samba Team)
  • Improving the network stack: progress on QUIC and SMB3.1.1 for Linux - Steven French (Microsoft / Samba Team)
  • POSIX identities out of OAuth2 identity providers: how to redesign SSSD and Samba? - Alexander Bokovoy & Andreas Schneider (Red Hat / Samba Team)
  • SMB and NFS compared - Volker Lendecke (SerNet / Samba Team)
  • File Sharing Test Suites Updates and Overview of SMB2 Dissectors on Wireshark - Obaro Ogbo & Adedeji Adeloye (Microsoft)
  • Bridging Worlds: Linux and Azure AD - David Mulder (SUSE)
  • Exchange Protocol 2024 update - Andrew Davidoff (Microsoft)

The detailed conference program can be found on the event page.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. Only a registration is required.

Webinars on April 16, 2024
On the day before the conference, three webinars will be offered on the topics of CTDB clusters, SAMBA on AIX and Samba as an Active Directory domain. Participation is also free of charge. Registration and more details can be found on

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