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SAMBA+ packages are now available for AlmaLinux. SerNet's Team Samba currently offers SAMBA+ 4.14 and 4.13 for AlmaLinux 8. SAMBA+ 4.12 packages will follow.

A few months ago Red Hat announced that it would deliver CentOS only in the form of CentOS Stream and thus as a rolling release from the end of 2021. AlmaLinux from the provider CloudLinux OS is currently establishing itself as an alternative and is binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8) in version 8.3.

With the prompt roll-out of SAMBA+ packages for AlmaLinux, SerNet is responding to initial customer inquiries on this topic. The team always strives to be aware of customer wishes and requirements and to ensure fruitful cooperation. If you would like to contact us directly ­­– about AlmaLinux or other topics ­– please write to

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