SAMBA+ security updates for all versions available

SAMBA+ 4.18.5, 4.17.10 and 4.16.11 have just been released. Packages for various SUSE and Red Hat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and AIX are available now. Please note: This are Security Updates, packages should be deployed as soon as possible.

These packages address several security related issues:

  • CVE-2022-2127: When winbind is used for NTLM authentication, a maliciously crafted request can trigger an out-of-bounds read in winbind and possibly crash it.
  • CVE-2023-34966: An infinite loop bug in Samba's mdssvc RPC service for Spotlight can be triggered by an unauthenticated attacker by issuing a malformed RPC request.
  • CVE-2023-34967: Missing type validation in Samba's mdssvc RPC service for Spotlight can be used by an unauthenticated attacker to trigger a process crash in a shared RPC mdssvc worker process. 
  • CVE-2023-34968: As part of the Spotlight protocol Samba discloses the server- side absolute path of shares and files and directories in search results.
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