SAMBA+ is available for AIX


The SAMBA+ software packages from SerNet are now also available for IBM's Unix operating system AIX. SAMBA+ AIX can be purchased as a subscription with a runtime of 1, 3 or 5 years in the SAMBA+ shop. The administration of the subscription as well as the download of SAMBA+ AIX is done via the open source system OPOSSO.

A decisive advantage of SerNet's AIX packages is the minimized dependency on third-party libraries or other external package sources. This is achieved by SAMBA+ AIX consisting of a tar ball with an installation script. This distinguishes SAMBA+ AIX from rpm-based packages on the market, which often have dependency problems and are not well tested.

By providing AIX packages, SerNet is responding to various customer requests. For AIX systems, the Samba software previously had to be compiled at great effort. In the past, SerNet's Samba team has often provided support and made individual adaptations. This is now obsolete due to the extensively tested and maintained SAMBA+ AIX software packages.

At SerNet, Björn Jacke, a long-time member of the international Samba team, worked primarily on the AIX packages. He has already gained a lot of experience in porting the Samba software for various Unix distributions or AIX customizations on customer request. Subscribers to the SAMBA+ AIX packages can now benefit from this know-how.

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