SAMBA+ 4.19.0, 4.18.7 (and more) available now

SAMBA+ 4.19.0 has just been released by SerNet's Samba team. Packages for various SUSE and Red Hat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and AIX are available now. 

This is the first stable SAMBA+ release of the new Samba 4.19 release series. Please make sure to test thoroughly before upgrading and read the release notes carefully! The release notes, which contain information about changes and new features of the new major release, are available here: 

Also, SAMBA+ 4.18.7 was published, which is a bug fix release. You can find the details about this release here: 

With the new 4.19 release, Samba 4.18 has been turned into the "maintenance mode" and Samba 4.17 into the "security fixes only mode". Samba 4.16 will not receive any updates beyond this point. The SAMBA+ 4.16 repositories will be disabled soon. Please update to a recent version of SAMBA+. 

Please note: There was a bug observed in the interaction with active directory domain controllers running mixed versions of Samba: If you upgrade just some DCs to 4.19 and others keep running at 4.18 or older, these older version did hit an assert, see the detailed information on the bug. This is why we delayed our SAMBA+ 4.19 packages until we could publish fixed packages for 4.16, 4.17 and 4.18, too. In case you want to install a 4.19 DC with other SAMBA+ DCs running older versions than 4.19, make sure to update them to the latest fixed version of 4.18/4.17/4.16 that we released (4.18.7-9, 4.17.11-28 and 4.16.11-26). This does not affect member server installations. 

The 4.16 packages will soon be removed from the server – SAMBA+ 4.17, 4.18 and 4.19 will be the supported release branches from now on. 

Details on upgrading to the new SAMBA+ version can be found in the SAMBA+ HowTo collection.

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