Recording "SMB for Linux with SMB3 POSIX extensions"

The recording of the talk "SMB for Linux with SMB3 POSIX extensions" by Volker Lendecke, longtime member of the Samba core team and co-founder of SerNet, is now available on our YouTube channel. Lendecke gave the talk at FOSDEM 2024 in Brussels, one of the most important conferences in the open source community.

In his presentation, Lendecke discussed the advances in the SMB3 protocol and its impact on network file sharing on Linux. The session offered insights into the SMB3 POSIX extensions that make SMB a real alternative to NFS with all the semantics Linux clients expect. Volker Lendecke not only gave an insight into the current functionalities, but also an outlook on future developments. The discussion also included how these extensions can improve the efficiency and compatibility of file sharing between different operating systems.

The recording of the talk is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the latest developments in the world of network file sharing or who would like to deepen their knowledge of SMB3 and its application to Linux systems.

Watch the full recording here: to dive into the topic with Volker Lendecke.

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