New release series SAMBA+ 4.20 for Enterprise Linux

SerNet announces the launch of SAMBA+ 4.20.0. This is the latest stable release series of Samba for Enterprise Linux. Available immediately for a variety of platforms including SUSE, Red Hat, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, and for AIX. This release introduces multiple enhancements for up-to-date enterprise environments.

Standing out is the new Service Witness Protocol [MS-SWN], developed by Stefan Metzmacher from SerNet. This enhances the stability and monitoring capabilities within clustered environments. This protocol is essential for enterprises using high-availability solutions, allowing clients to monitor their SMB connections more effectively across cluster nodes. This development ensures that SAMBA+ remains at the forefront of networked system resilience, providing scalable solutions for large-scale deployments.

Additionally, the release of SAMBA+ 4.20 transitions previous series into different support phases: Samba 4.19 enters maintenance mode, Samba 4.18 shifts to security fixes only, and updates for Samba 4.17 will be discontinued. Users are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of the new features and improved security protocols.

For existing SAMBA+ subscribers, the new release is included in your current subscription. New customers can obtain SAMBA+ through a software subscription available at our online shops (USD Pricing: US SAMBA+ Shop, EUR Pricing: World SAMBA+ Shop). All details about subscription options and pricing are listed there.

As enterprises increasingly rely on robust, secure, and scalable solutions, SAMBA+ 4.20.0 represents a step forward. We invite all users to read the detailed release notes to ensure a smooth transition and to leverage the full capabilities of this release.

Please make sure to test thoroughly before upgrading. For further assistance, upgrade paths, and deployment strategies, please consult our SAMBA+ HowTo collection or contact our support team directly through our website.

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