FreeIPA Global Catalog challenges (sambaXP 2020)

Alexander Bokovoy and Florence Blanc-Renaud (both RedHat) talk about "FreeIPA Global Catalog challenges" in this sambaXP 2020 talk. Bokovoy is a Samba team member since 2003 and FreeIPA core developer since 2011; Blanc-Renaud is a LDAP server technology engineer since 2007 and FreeIPA core developer since 2016.


At sambaXP 2017, Alexander Bokovoy and Florence Blanc-Renaud reported an initial progress into making Global Catalog service available as a part of FreeIPA deployment. Three years later, Global Catalog in FreeIPA is becoming a reality. In this talk they demonstrate a working Global Catalog service and dive into challenges they faced in mapping FreeIPA to Active Directory world without being an Active Directory domain controller. FreeIPA's use of Samba services continues to exercise Samba infrastructure from a perspective not commonly experienced and well tested. Finally, semantic differences Bokovoy and Blanc-Renaud encountered across multiple protocols and their implementations in open source and proprietary products represent a good lesson in interoperability efforts. (Slides as PDF)

About the "sambaXP 2020 Retrospective"

In this series we will present recordings of the sambaXP 2020 in the coming weeks. These were selected by SerNet's "Team Samba". The 19th edition of the international conference on the open source software Samba took place from 26 - 28 May 2020 for the first time exclusively in digital form. Due to the changed event format and the use of an online conference platform, organizer SerNet is able to offer all talks as videos for viewing (link).

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