How to purchase SAMBA+

Buy a new SAMBA+ subscription

To purchase SAMBA+ packages,  visit the SAMBA+ shop, click "My account" and register or sign in if you already have an account. Then click on "SAMBA+" and choose between

  • SAMBA+ for Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, SLES, OpenSUSE). This provides current Samba versions corresponding to the upstream Samba project.
  • SAMBA+ AIX for IBM's AIX Unix system.
  • SAMBA+ Container for a SAMBA+ shipped in an Ubuntu based Container.

After that, choose the period (1-3 years) and the amount of subscriptions needed and "Add to shopping cart". Please note that one subscription is valid for 5 servers! When you are done, "Proceed to checkout", enter your address and choose the payment method and "Complete payment". After that, your Serial numbers will be available under "My account". These serial numbers need to be activated in the OPOSSO subscription portal now.


Activate a new SAMBA+ subscription

At first, please register at or sign in if you already have an account. Please note that this account is independent from the shop account and uses different login data. This is intended to separate the purchasing process and the technical part, as both are usually processed by different persons/departments.

At, please click "Add new subscription", paste the subscription key(s) bought in the SAMBA+ shop into the window, read and (hopefully ;-) accept the terms and conditions and click "Register keys".

After that you can either set a global password for all subscriptions by clicking on "Set global password" or one password for each subscription by clicking on the key button of each entry.


Extend an existing SAMBA+ subscription

If your existing subscription expires, please extend the existing subscription. This is much easier than adding a new subscription, because you don't need to adopt all the repository files on your servers, because the old key will be extended. If you add a new subscription instead, the repo files must be updated with the new key.

To extend an existing subscription, please buy a new subscription in the SAMBA+ shop. Copy the new serial number (available here) into your clipboard and login at Click on the "Subscription" tab, mark the subscription that you are going to extend and then on the "Extend selected subscriptions" button. A new window opens and the old key is selected on the left side. Please enter your new key (serial number) on the right side, read and (hopefully ;-) accept the terms and conditions and then click the "Extend subscriptions" button.


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