AVC means AntiVirusCompliance and SAMBA+ AVC is an offline scanner for Linux servers: The tool periodically scans the hard disk for malware and writes the search results into a report file (logfile). It can be bought at the SAMBA+ Shop

AV? No, thanks!

There are a lot of reasons to NOT deploy live scanning AntiVirus tools on Windows:

  • AV creates new system holes
  • AV pattern are always too old
  • AV clouds are never compliant
  • AV does not save a broken Windows
  • AV poisons all system performance

AVC? Yes, please!

AntiVirusCompliance for Linux comes with many reasonable advantages:

  • AVC can hardly be attacked
  • AVC uses mature pattern info
  • AVC can be nice to performance
  • AVC cleans Linux cloud storage
  • AVC inhibits malware spreading

We packed those advantages - and a lot more - in SAMBA+ AVC.

How SAMBA+ AVC assists you

With SAMBA+ AVC compliance requirements can be met that require daily, weekly, or other regular cycles to scan storage for malware. Linux servers have almost no issues with computer malware directly, but they can store malware on shares provided by Linux servers and distribute them to third parties. Therefore, everybody should regularly check for malware on every server system. SAMBA+ AVC is not a live scanner. The scan service runs as a time-controlled service in the background.

Technical basis for SAMBA + AVC is the SAVAPI Engine from AVIRA. The patternfiles with the malware signatures also come from AVIRA. These are part of the software subscription and are included in the price. The prices are graded according to the total quantity to be checked. Please see pricing details in our shop.

The purchased licenses are managed via the subscription portal OPOSSO, which also contains a HowTo for SAMBA+ AVC and a list of supported operating systems (Debian/Ubuntu, SUSE/SLES, RHEL/CentOS). The product contains a detailed documentation of the configuration files and the adjustable parameters.

Technical requirements:

  • 1 GB disk space for the program and the malware signatures
  • Additional space for archives to be unpacked, depending on the archive size
  • 1/2 GB RAM during scan process
  • The speed of the scan depends on the performance of the CPU


SAMBA+ subscriptions are available for one, two and three years at the SAMBA+ shop.


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